Supply Chain

GND provides the service of supply chain, through their team who develops the procurement, logistics and technical service, to provide a full service to their clients when they request this kind of service to us. Customers only get to see and know the product when it comes in their hands. However, there are a lot of processes involved. All the processes and everybody involved in delivering the final product to the customer comes under supply chain. A supply chain consists of all the stages, such as gathering of raw materials, manufacturing process, transportation companies, warehouses, and in-house staff, everyone and everything is included under supply chain. Also, included are quality control, marketing, and procurement and sourcing.


GND Consulting and Supply’s Supply Chain Capabilities

We are one of the leading providers of supply chain services in the US. We have a team of skilled and knowledgeable staff, which works hard to provide the best possible service to our clients. This is achieved by developing exceptional procurement, logistics, and technical services. As a part of our supply chain services, we have the capability to provide you the following services:

  1. Logistics Management – This is one of our best services offered under supply chain. We help you optimize your inventory, improve the customer service, as well as reduce costs. This helps in increasing the efficiency across the value chain. Further, this increases the profit margins. There are several advantages of availing our logistic services such as:

    • The logistic management services help you in overcoming capacity constraints
    • It helps you meet the service goals easily
    • The logistic spends are reduced by a considerable amount
  2. Inventory Management – This is another quality service that comes under our comprehensive supply chain services. Having an effective inventory management is very important for an organization. Do you have a proper inventory management? No? Not a problem, we have you covered. With our comprehensive inventory management services, we will help you understand what you have, where it is stocked, and how much more you’ll need. So, basically, we help you in having a right inventory, at the right time. With a proper inventory management, you would be able to respond quickly to the rapidly changing demands.

  3. Planning & Forecasting – Having the foresight of future is equally important as having the knowledge of current trends. Majority of the planning decisions and strategies are based on the forecasting. We have an expertise in providing planning and forecasting of demand, inventory, replenishment, and manufacturing. Forecasting gives us a clear picture of the data. This enables us to provide you result-oriented plans, which helps improve the supply chain visibility. This, further helps you in responding to the changing demand.

  4. Supply Chain Data Management – Last, but not the least, managing the supply chain data is very important. It goes a long way into helping you make right decisions about current and future plans. Our team of experts has a vast experience in analyzing and capturing the correct data, which helps in reducing the inconsistency and redundancy.

Do you want to know more about the supply chain, or other services that we can provide? Do you wish to avail our prompt supply chain services? Please get in touch with our experts today.