Industrial Sensors

GND Consulting and Supply, LLC provides a wide range of innovative industrial sensor solutions. We provide only high-quality sensor solutions, which symbolize our commitment towards stronger customer relationships. Our sensor solutions have made a lasting and reliable contribution in success of several businesses. Our sensors are designed to ensure accuracy and efficiency in various applications. All products are made from high-quality materials, which help them withstand abusive environments existing in various industries.


Product Specifications of Industrial Sensors

The following benefits have contributed to the popularity of sensors available to us:

  • Rugged Construction: All these industrial sensors have rugged design, which helps them withstand vibrations and shocks in various industrial environments. Additionally, these sensors are NEMA-4/IP65 certified for use in extremely abusive environments.
  • Requires Zero Maintenance: The sensors are designed to offer exceptional RFI/EMI performance. This helps prevent downtimes, or false shutdown.
  • High Performance at Affordable Prices: All our sensors offer excellent measurement and test grade accuracy at affordable prices. The sensors are provided with ±0.13% FS accuracy, and in a broad range between 25 PSI to 10,000 PSI.
  • User-friendly Designs: Most sensor products available with us are provided with zero and span potentiometers, which enable easy settings in the field. These accessible adjustment features help maintain the sensor in excellent working condition throughout its lifetime.
  • Wiring Protection: We know electrical wiring accidents are common in various industries. Thus, all sensor products are designed to offer maximum protection to users.  They offer reverse polarity, short circuit, as well as overvoltage protection.

Types of Industrial Sensors:

The following are some important types of industrial sensors provided by GND Consulting and Supply, LLC:

  • Pressure Sensors: These sensors are used in various process applications to measure relative system pressures in pneumatics and hydraulic systems. The sensors like pressure transmitters are used for differential or absolute analog pressure readings over a wide measuring ranges. Along with pressure transmitters, we can provide pressure switches, differential pressure transmitters, and digital pressure switches.
  • Temperature Sensors: The temperature sensors are designed to provide accurate temperature readings in various process applications. We can provide a variety of industrial temperature sensors including RTD probes, RTD sensors, thermowells, analog temperature transmitters, etc. All these sensing devices provide a variety of temperature control and monitoring during critical process applications.
  • Level Sensors and Controllers: We can make available a wide range of level sensors and controllers, which are used to measure the level of chemicals, powders, pellets, and liquids in the process industries. Our level sensors and controllers will improve the ability to control pumps, valves, alarms, as well as industrial equipment.
  • Flow Sensors:  These devices are used to monitor the flow of liquid media in industrial applications. We can provide flow switches, flow transmitters, and magnetic-inductive flow meters on demand.
  • Position Sensors: As the name suggests, these devices are designed to measure position. We can provide various types of position sensors, including ultrasonic sensors, eddy-current sensors, potentiometers, proximity sensors, etc. 

Applications of Industrial Sensors:

The industrial sensors provided by us are used by the following:

  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Industrial OEM Equipment
  • Compressor Control
  • Industrial Engines
  • HVAC/R Equipment
  • Tank Level

As one of the leading industrial sensors supplier, we strive to help our customers with the right product selection, fast order processing, as well as fastest shipping. We’ve been providing industrial sensor solutions and various other industrial automation products for a long time. Our staff has a plenty of knowledge and experience in the industry, which helps customers make the right selection every time they approach us. To know more about our products, please contact us at the earliest.