Pressure Seal Globe Valve

In the oil and gas industry, pressure and temperature are the most important role players. Thus, specific types of valves are designed to ensure the process consistency at varying pressure and temperatures. Carbon & Stainless Steel
Class: 600 thru 2500 Size: 2" thru 16

Pressure Seal Globe Valve Design and Manufacture Standards

  • Basic Design – ANSI/ASME B 16.34
  • Face to Face Dimension – B 16.10
  • Flange End Dimension – B 16.5
  • Butt Well End Dimension – B 16.25
  • Inspection & Testing – API 598


GND Consulting & Supply, LLC provides gate valves and globe valves which are ideal for high-pressure liquid, steam, hydrocrackers, catalytic reformers, as well as various other tough service applications. Our pressure valves are ideal for throttling at high pressure, and high-temperature applications. The pressure seal globe valves offer a leak-free and safe pressure-containing boundary.

Beneficial Features of Pressure Seal Globe Valve Provided by GND Consulting & Supply:

A pressure seal valve is a type of valve used for high temperature and pressure applications. The following features of the valves provided by us have contributed to their immense popularity over the years

  • The valves feature top and bottom-guided discs, which eliminate side thrust caused due to high pressure. The top disc offers superior tightness at high temperatures.
  • There is a non-rotating stem, which contributes to the long stem life, due to the lower friction of all moving parts. Thus, the stem offers tight shut off at extreme pressures.
  • The rising stem is equipped with precision ACME thread with a double or a single start for easy operations.
  • Our stem seal provides tight sealing and requires little or no maintenance for a long time.
  • The valves are made from superior quality carbon and stainless steel, which are precision machined with relevant flanges.
  • Pressure seal globe valves are ideal for horizontal flow or vertical stem application.
  • The valves are designed to ASME B16. 34 specifications, which means the valves can withstand various upper temperature and pressure limits in the oil and gas processing industry.
  • The valves are tested to API 598 standards.

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