Lift Equipment

These equipment are basically used to lift heavy objects. Mostly they are various types of cranes, such as hydraulic crawler cranes, pedestal mounted cranes, rough terrain cranes, and other industrial cranes. GND offers several types of equipment of the recognized brands to facilitate the operations to require move heavy materials, pallets, machinery, from one place to other inside plants, distribution centers, refinery and other facilities.


GND understand the importance of maximizing the time in during the daily operations of our clients for that reason, we look to cover the needs of our customers with good alternatives.

  • Lift: Forklift articulated boom lift, straight boom lift, scissor lift, self-propelled battery powered scissor lift table, towable lift or man lift, manual high-lift skid jack truck, hand winch truck straddle design, fully powered counterbalanced stacker
  • Maintenance Lift: High-platform maintenance lifts, tank top maintenance platforms lifts, hydraulic powered elevating platform maintenance lifts.
  • Manual Lift: Hand pump operated lift trucks, hand winch operated lift trucks, foot pedal operated lift trucks.
  • Office & Lab: Office & lab lift trucks, folding battery powered lift trucks and safety trucks.
  • Powered Lift: Battery powered lift stackers, combination battery powered & hand pump lift stackers, work positioner battery powered lift stackers, high-reach battery powered lift stackers with fifth-wheel steering, mobile leveler stackers, ac powered lift stackers, powered aluminum lift.
  • Self-Propelled & Power Lift: Fully powered stackers, fully powered counterbalanced stackers, fully powered reach stacker, tracked drive hydraulic stackers
  • Tote Dumpers: Multi-purpose tote dumper lift trucks.
  • Cranes: Hydraulic crawler cranes, all mounted cranes, rough terrain cranes, rough terrain cranes, all terrain cranes, hydraulic crawler cranes, hydraulic truck cranes, boom trucks, lattice boom crawler cranes, pedestal mounted cranes

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