Electrical Equipment and Supplies

GND Consulting and Supply, LLC is one of the leading wholesale industrial equipment supplier in the US. We have been serving OEMs’, industrial and electrical contractors, since a long time. Leveraging our vast industrial expertise, experiences, and strong supply chain network, we provide 100% effective solutions to our customers. These solutions include various electrical equipment and supplies from leading brands in electric and electrical controls market.


Electrical Equipment and Supplies Provided by GND Consulting and Supply

We can deliver a broad range of electrical equipment and supplies including the following:

  • Industrial Controls, Automation, and Machine Safety Equipment:

    GND Consulting and Supply, LLC provides a broad range of industrial controls, automation, and machine safety equipment that cover an entire breadth of the construction and industrial infrastructure. Our key offerings in this category include:

    • Contactors and Protection Relays
    • Boxes, Cabling, and Interfaces
    • Enclosures and Accessories
    • Industrial Communication
    • Interface, Measurement, and Control Relays
    • Measurement and Instrumentation
    • PLC, PAC, and Dedicated Controllers
    • Pushbuttons, Switches, Pilot Lights, and Joysticks
    • Sensors and RFID Systems
    • Telemetry and Remote SCADA Systems
    • Variable Speed Drives and Soft Starters
  • Motor Controls:

    These devices are designed to control the performance of an electric motor in a predefined manner. Motor controls are also referred as motor controllers, and are designed to perform a broad range of functions including speed regulation, starting and stopping a motor, torque regulation, and control, etc. Motor controls can be employed for manual, automatic, as well as remote operations. We provide the following types of motor control devices and more:

    • AC Motor Soft Starters and Starters
    • Adjustable-Speed Drives
    • Reduced Voltage Starters
    • Manual Motor Controllers
    • Servo Controllers
    • Contactors/Starters/ Overloads
    • Intelligent Controllers
  • Power Management Supplies:

    These supplies comprise several power distribution cables, and circuits, or voltage regulation devices, which help ensure power stability. Power management supplies also include devices, which facilitate conversion between different currents and voltages in a system. Power management is important in battery-driven systems, including hybrid systems with mains and battery or solar systems. We provide a broad range of power management supplies including the following:

    • Switching Regulators
    • DIN Rail Modular Devices
    • Linear Regulators
    • Energy Meters
    • Reverse Power Feed (RPF)
    • Power Breaker and Switches
    • Power over Ethernet
    • Power Suppliers and Transformers
    • Space-Grade Power Management Devices
  • Power Plant Equipment and Accessories:

    The power generation and transmission is a critical process and involves a broad range of heavy and light duty equipment, as well as accessories. We can provide the following types of power plant equipment and accessories:

    • Overhead Power Conductors
    • Power Converters
    • Power Capacitors
    • Power Supply Converters
    • Power Generation Boilers
    • Power Generation Turbines
    • Power Plant Valves
    • Power Storage Devices
    • Voltage Regulators

We, at GND Consulting and Supply, LLC work with the sole aim of supporting customers by delivering electrical products they need. We can also provide electrical equipment and accessories, which are not listed on this page. For more details, please contact us at the earliest.