Industrial Tubular Products

The petroleum and chemical industries from all over the world use stainless steel tubular products. These products are basically hollow products, made from strong materials. Industrial tubular products have several advantages in a variety of applications and industries. GND Consulting & Supply LLC is one of the young, yet capable company providing services in consulting engineering, industrial maintenance, technical inspections, and supply chain. We have just begun, and are receiving much positive feedback from our clients for the quality of steel tubular products, and services that we provide.

Products Line:

Industrial Tubular Products Provided by GND Consulting & Supply

We provide a wide array of tubular products in different specifications, which are suitable for use in a number of applications. Here are a few examples of these products that we can provide:

  1. LSAW Steel Pipes –

    LSAW stands for Longitudinally Submerged Arc Welded. These pipes are generally made from carbon steel material. These stainless steel tubular pipes are used at various sites such as construction sites for low-pressure liquid transportation (oil, gas, and water). They are also used for the purpose of machinery manufacturing and oil drilling.

  2. Square Steel Tubes –

    As their name suggests, these tubes are made from steel. The hollow section of these tubes is generally square shaped. Generally, the hollow section tubes can be in hexagonal, rectangular, triangular, or round shapes. Square steel tubes are most widely used in applications like ornamental pipes, security door frames, indoor partition walls, shipbuilding, airport structure, hall structure, etc.

  3. Structural Steel Pipes –

    Structural steel pipes are known to offer excellent strength and stability to the application in which they are used. We have the capability to provide you structural steel pipes in various outer diameter options varying from 114mm to 812.8mm. These pipes are specially designed to meet the standards for their use in mechanical and chemical applications. These stainless steel pipes come in three variants, namely, Electric Resistance Welded pipe (ERW), High-Frequency Induction weld pipe (HFI), and Electric Fusion welded pipe (EFW).

  4. Hot-dip Galvanized Hollow Section Tubes –

    The hot-dip galvanized hollow section tube is another type of tubular product that we can provide. These types of tubes are highly resistant to corrosion. In addition to this, they are durable, and feature uniform coating.

Apart from those mentioned above, we can also provide you longitudinal submerged-arc welded steel pipes, low & medium pressure pipes, API 5L LSaw pipelines, oil & gas line pipes, as well as API 5L pipeline. Our team of skilled, and knowledgeable professionals are keen to provide you with the best possible service and high-quality stainless steel tubular products. To know more about our tubular products or other services, please contact us at the earliest.