Hollow Section Tube


A hollow section tube is basically a metal profile, which has a hollow tubular cross section. This specially designed metal profile is made of structural steel per code. A hollow section tube is manufactured by changing the shape of a flat steel plate gradually to become round. The ends of the plate are then welded together. This forms a mother tube. The manufacturing process does not end here. The mother tube is then passed through a series of shaping stands. This helps give the mother tube the desired shape – square or rectangular. We, at GND Consulting & Supply LLC are known for providing the best quality hollow section tubes in the US.

Products Line:

Our Hollow Section Tubes Offerings

We have the capability to provide you the following types of hollow section tubes:

  • Square Steel Tubes – These tubes have square shape. However, they can also be availed in other shapes, like hexagonal, rectangular, triangular, or round. They are used in cable bridge structures, airport structure, hall structure, ornamental pipes, etc.
  • Welded Rectangular Steel Pipes – These welded steel pipes confirm to different standards, which include JIS, GB, ASTM, and EN BS.
  • Hot Dip Galvanized Steel – They are used extensively in applications, such as boiler pipe, scaffolding pipe, furniture, fence/door pipe, structure pipe.

Benefits of Hollow Section Tubes

There are a huge number of advantages of hollow section tubes, which makes them ideal for use in a wide variety of applications. The following are some major benefits of these tubes:

  • These tubes have a uniform strength, which makes them highly durable.
  • The hollow section tubes are known to offer an outstanding resistance to torsion.
  • The above two points make these tubes extremely reliable.
  • They are available with us at the most competitive prices, and are very cost-effective.


The benefits explained above are the reasons why these tubes are used in several applications. Here are a few applications:

  • Structural application and fencing
  • Construction of bus body
  • Furniture industry

If you are looking out for hollow section tubes in different specifications, then we have you covered. You can choose from a vast variety of tubes available with us. To know more about these tubes or other products, please get in touch with our professionals.