Industrial Automation & Instrumentation Equipment

GND Automation & Instrumentation established important alliances with recognized manufacturers, who allow covering many needs of our customer in different industrial sectors like Oil & Gas, Refinery, Chemical Plants, Water Treatment Plants, Food Industry, Beverage Plants and others industries.

GND Automation & Instrumentation, considering the fast growing of the industries and to ensure the industrial plants are operated in a safe manner; we offered a variety of measurement and calibration products to allow the industries to operate in a safe manner and avoid critical situations that could appear in the daily basis.

Products Line:

Variables play an important role in the success of different industrial processes. Hence, extra care should be taken while measuring, and controlling the different process variables. Besides this, it requires skill in order to achieve a good level of perfection in these abilities within a manufacturing or production area, or in a laboratory. However, to carry out all the measurements, and processes, dedicated automation and instrumentation (I & A) products and services are of utmost importance. There must be several companies that provide products and services for this purpose. However, at GND Consulting and Supply LLC, we are known to provide our customers with the best-in-class products, coupled with the state-of-the-art services related to industrial automation equipment. We are considered to be a fast growing instrumentation equipment supplier in the US.

Various Automation & Instrumentation Products Provided by GND Consulting & Supply

You can choose from a variety of automation and instrumentation tools available with us. These tools come in a wide range of specifications, which can match your varied application requirements. The following are some products that we can provide you:

  1. Control Panels –

    This is one of the several quality automation and instrumentation products that we provide. These industrial control panels are used for controlling a variety of process variables in a wide range of industries. These panels feature advanced sensors, and are well-equipped with levers that have a long life. The control panels that we manufacture and provide are known for their precision and durability. These two qualities of our panels make them dependable, and thus preferred by customers. A vast range of industries, such as water treatment, textile, paper, and so on. In addition to this, the industrial control panels are offered at reasonable and competitive prices.

  2. Sensors –

    Process control equipment in different industries utilize various types of industrial sensors. There are a vast variety of sensors available in the market, which are used in conjunction with other equipment for measuring different parameters, such as flow, fluid velocity, and humidity, pressure, and position during a process. We assure you about the quality of sensors provided by us. One of the prominent reasons for companies buying our sensors is quality industrial sensors made available at competitive prices.

  3. Thermowells –

    These are devices used to measure the temperature, along with protecting the temperature sensors, for example, thermistors, thermocouple, and bimetal thermometers. The thermowells are used to safeguard the sensors from corrosion, excessive pressure, and material velocity. This device is also referred to as closed-end reentrant tube.

  4. Transmitters –

    There are a huge variety of transmitters that are used for a variety of applications. The process instrumentation industry employs different types of transmitters, which include pneumatic, and electronic transmitters. If buying a quality transmitter for measurement of your different process equipment in your industry, you can consider huge variety of good quality and durable transmitters available with us.

At GND Consulting & Supply LLC, we are very keen to provide our customers with the best possible products and services. Our objective is to provide you with high-quality energy industry equipment and become the most reliable and valued partner. We believe in working hand in hand with our customers to build a reliable partnership with them. To know more about the automation and instrumentation products, as well as other products and services that we provide, please get in touch with us today. You can call us on 1-832-415-4100, or email us at