The mining industry is driven by several challenges such as volatile market conditions, strengthening regulations, and technology and environment-driven changes in increasing product demand. It is seen that the commodity prices largely fluctuate against the backdrop of increasing demand. All these, lead to higher operation and overhead expenses. Although mining companies have taken major steps towards streamlining their business operations, supply chain management and procurement is still a concern for them. This is where GND Consulting and Supply, LLC can make a difference. We help mining companies to increase their operational efficiency by implementing strategic sourcing solutions.


Benefits of Supply Chain Management and Procurement in the Mining Industry

The mining industry is slowly recovering from the downturn, supply chain and procurement has become one of the important parts of the mining business. These benefit them in many ways as these:

  • Increasing Cost Efficiency: Automation of the procurement processes is the key trend in the mining industry. It helps businesses to review, reconsider, or re-examine their business processes. The automation helps businesses to gain an in-depth understanding of their workflow in an organization. In short, the automation turns out to be a major cost-saver due to its ability to manage supplier contracts.
  • Improving Profit Margins: The mining industry is underpinned by diverse supply chain challenges. For example, miners dealing with precious and commercial metals will focus on various supply risks in their inbound chain. Similarly, ferrous metal companies will focus on logistics. However, these mining companies can minimize their risks, and maximize their business profits, by implementing innovative supply chain solution.
  • Developing Long-term Supplier Relationships: Innovative technologies are a key to succeed in the mining industry. This is why building healthy and lasting business relationships with suppliers have become a necessity. Through such relationships, mining businesses can gain exclusive rights to supplier’s improved technologies.

About GND Consulting and Supply

GND Consulting and Supply, LLC is a leading and most trusted Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) Contractors in the US. We have helped several clients in the mining industry by solving their problems regarding the supply chain management. We achieve it through the sourcing and supply of all necessary equipment and their spares.

Why GND Consulting and Supply, LLC?

  • Undertaking to source and supplying contracts for standard and obsolete mining equipment parts for clients in the US.
  • Delivering custom-made materials to meet client requirements and needs. The procurement practitioners at GND Consulting and Supply, LLC combine their vast industry, operational and category experiences while delivering tailored solutions.
  • Providing a wide range of supply chain management services, including quality control, sourcing, shipping and transportation of the material to the client site.

All these allow us to deliver bigger and tangible benefits in terms of money and efforts. Also, this has helped us become one of popular mining supplies and services companies in the US.

Mining Equipment Provided by GND Consulting and Supply

Over the years, we have built a reputation for being one of the largest mining equipment suppliers in the US. We provide the following types of mining equipment and parts:

  • Drilling and Exploration Equipment
  • Mining Machinery
  • Drilling and Exploration Materials
  • Explosives Loading Machinery
  • Breakers,Rock Drills, and Cutting Equipment
  • Blast Hole Drills and Cold Planners
  • Continental Conveyors,Crushers, and Draglines
  • Hydraulic Excavators,Loaders;
  • Feeders,Grinders,and Electric Rope Shovels
  • Mine Air Systems.