Food Process & Agriculture

Food processing, and agriculture is one of the fastest growing industries around the world. The availability of raw materials, and rising need of healthy food items have contributed to this popularity. Being governed by stringent laws in almost all countries, the businesses catering to these industries are required to use only high-quality product solutions. This is where GND Consulting and Supply, LLC can help. We are known for our shortest turnaround times in the industry.


Various Equipment Used in the Food Processing and Agriculture Industry

The food processing and agriculture industry can be easily divided into various phases. The type of equipment used in these phases entirely differ from each other on the basis of their application.

  • Agricultural Produce Processing: Agricultural produce processing is the first step of any food processing unit. This processing may involve various types of equipment. For example,
    • Seed cleaners are used to separate quality seeds from inferior quality ones.
    • Grain dryers are used for absorbing moisture from grains, and storing them for long term use
    • Rice graders are regularly employed at rice milling, as well as seed cleaning plants for creating high-quality rice products.  
  • Raw Material Creation: Each food manufacturing facility features a variety of industry-standard equipment for raw material preparation. For example,
    • Liquid and dairy preparation involves various types of storage tanks, heat exchangers, pumps, piping and several industrial tubular products
    • Vegetable preparation includes washing, chopping, preservative mixing, and various other processes
  • Food Processing: This is a unique process, which involves a variety of equipment. For example,
    • Vegetable processing is a process consisting of several short processes including shucking, chilling, cooking, and mixing
    • Dairy processing involves separation, pasteurization, mixing, cheese-making storage, etc. Various Clean-in-place systems are used in dairy processing units for liquid processes
    • The meat products are converted into edibles through blending, grinding, trimming, and stuffing
  • Food Packaging: There are various types of food packaging equipment used. However, all these differ on the basis of the primary material being processed. For example,
    • Many liquids can be easily boxed, bagged, and canned. Thus, the type of food packaging equipment used will vary
    • Meat products are frozen or packed fresh. Nowadays, automated equipment with digital controls are used
    • Vegetable packing may involve freezing and canning

About GND Consulting and Supply

GND Consulting and Supply, LLC is one of the leading Engineering, Procurement, & Construction (EPC) Contractors in the US. Over the years, we have helped clients in the food and agricultural industry by providing solutions, such as agricultural equipment, food processing and packaging machinery, commercial food service equipment, and commercial refrigeration equipment.

Why GND Consulting and Supply, LLC?

  • Sourcing and supplying equipment and their spare parts on behalf of its clients in the US
  • Supplying solutions tailored to client requirements
  • Strong supply chain network assuring fastest turnaround times
  • Supply chain consultancy assuring high ROI
  • Commitment to Quality

Food Processing and Agricultural Equipment Provided by GND Consulting and Supply

Being a leading food processing and agricultural equipment supplier, we are here to help you in meeting all your diverse needs in agricultural and food processing industries. This is why our clients approach us while investing in the following food manufacturing, food processing, as well as agricultural equipment.

  • Food Processing Plants
  • Grader Machines
  • Grinder Machines
  • Pulverizer Machines
  • Centrifugal Dressing Machines
  • Conveying Machines
  • Screw Conveyor Machines
  • Work Tool Attachments
  • Generator Sets
  • Burr Mills
  • Hammer Mills