Food Process & Agriculture

Food Process

GND by means of the alliances strategic with brands recognized to level world for support to the industries of the sector power in their different processes handling the food, storage of the same and of the raw materials, the extraction of their properties, the elaboration until a product ends, the packaging and the conservation of the food.

Productive Process

GND offers, improvements and updates in the areas operational and technological in the different areas during the process of food production, by means of the materials supplies, equipment and that allow them to keep the service, quality and health during this process.

Handling Food Process

GND helps the food handling process in these industries through automation of various processes that improve the quality and efficiency during manipulation in these industries.

Storage Process

GND offers various equipment and accessories, here storage units, engineering for the design and construction of storage (grain storage, conditioned to the specific type of industry stores units, as well as units of transportation for stores in this area of the industry.