EPC Consulting Services

Most businesses have now understood the importance of availing Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) services from the skilled companies. This has helped several businesses in reducing their work load, and concentrate on other important things. GND Consulting & Supply, LLC is a well-known, and among the most trusted lump sum turnkey (LSTK) EPC contractors in the US. Our comprehensive turnkey EPC consulting services have earned us a good name.


What Can We Provide You Under Our EPC Consulting Services?

GND Consulting & Supply, LLC is one of the most leading EPC contractors in the US. We are known to offer a number of engineering procurement construction services, which are as follows:

  1. Engineering: Under engineering service, we help you prepare the designs, plans, and understand the technical specifications of the equipment, or the project. Performance standards, and training and maintenance manuals are prepared. The layouts are planned, and designed, and the delivery schedules of the project, and instructions for erections are documented in the engineering service. Apart from these services, our different functions of engineering include:
    • Planning
    • Basic Engineering
    • Estimating Request for Quote
    • Detail Engineering
    • Construction Engineering
  2. Procurement: Procurement is making available all the necessary spare parts, and equipment for the project. We, at GND Consulting & Supply, can help you in your project by sourcing equipment, and spare parts from leading suppliers. Besides this, we also consider it our responsibility to clear goods at ports, and deliver them to the site. In addition to these, we can also carry out the following functions as a part of our procurement service:
    • Logistics & Transport
    • Invoicing
    • Customized Manufacturing
    • Receiving
    • Procurement
    • Expediting
    • Purchasing
  3. Construction: This is the execution stage in the EPC consulting service. Under the construction services, we can help you in providing contractors for erecting a structure. We have a huge list of contacts, which enables us to provide quick services to our clients. Apart from this, correction of defects, commissioning, and testing and completion of the facility is done by us as our construction consulting service. The following are some more construction functions that we carry out:
    • Electrical Installation
    • Mechanical Erection
    • Civil & Structural Construction

Why is EPC Consulting So Important?

The answer to this question lies in the benefits of the EPC consulting services. Here are some advantages of availing these services from an experienced EPC company:

  • An expert EPC consultant protects a business owner from constantly varying prices of labor, materials, and other factors.
  • The duration of the project is minimized because of the large network and experience of the contractors.
  • Overall stress of the business owner is reduced, and he/she can focus on other more important tasks and decisions.
  • The communication is simplified for the business owner, as now he/she has to contact only the EPC Company, which further is in touch with different agencies.
  • Overall quality of the project is improved.
  • Scope of the project is improved and all the specifications of the plant are taken care of properly.
  • The practical issues that are faced during the projects are reduced by a considerable amount, which adds to the project quality.
  • You get an idea of the project cost at an earlier stage, which facilitates easy work.

Why Choose GND Consulting & Supply, LLC for Your EPC Consulting Requirements?

The following reasons will answer the question of why choose us for your EPC consulting requirements:

  • Fast Delivery
  • Experienced Team of Experts
  • Strong Service Offerings
  • Fast Response Time

What All Industries Do We Serve?

We can serve industries like:
  • Mining
  • Government
  • Transportation
  • Oil & Gas
  • Food Process & Agriculture
  • Manufacturing