The demand for reliable procurement services is on rise, because businesses are competing with each other to minimize their operational costs without compromising on the quality. Procurement is the process of obtaining high-quality supplies, materials, contracts, and services at cost effective prices. GND Consulting and Supply, LLC is one of the popular procurement services company in the US. Over the years, we have built a list of happy and satisfied customers, whom we have catered through our strong global network of suppliers. We provide clients with processes, global resources, market knowledge, materials, and systems that helps them maximize their ROI.


Procurement Services Provided by GND Consulting and Supply, LLC

We serve clients through the following services:

  • Material Management : We have a team of material management specialists who are committed to timely delivery and quality. They ensure both while transporting the equipment from the manufacturer site to the job site.
  • Category and Market Insights : We understand how new age businesses are relying on data to make efficient business decisions. These businesses are also in favor of sourcing these decisions, whenever and wherever they need it. This is where we can help. Our services are developed to help customers avail specific and targeted information, whenever they need it. We combine our vast experience in oil and gas industry, transportation, mining, government, and food process & agriculture to provide tailored and niche-specific information to the clients.
  • Supplier Qualification Management : It is one of the critical success factors for any business. However, supplier qualification management demands huge investments in terms of money and resources. This is where we can help. Our experts employ their vast industry experiences and expertise to help clients in accessing their supplier’s prequalification status, verify all important documents regarding their standards, and capabilities.
  • Logistics : Today, businesses are keen to build their time-to-market capabilities. Logistics play a key role in meeting this deadline. However, most businesses rely on third parties to fulfill this requirement. We help clients to improve their capabilities by managing their logistics. Our team ensures swift and timely transportation of material or equipment from the manufacturer or the supplier to the job site.
  • Supplier and Buyer Contract Management : This is one of the important factors of business success, because it is the process of managing contracts between suppliers and buyers. The contract management involves lots of complexities, such as contractual obligations, which need to be documented and fulfilled efficiently. We help our clients to optimize their contract management efficiencies by working closely with them from inception to delivery stage. Starting from the project inception to quality evaluation and building contract management builds, we are 100% involved in our client’s projects. Additionally, we employ various tools and methodologies to optimize the scope of pre and post award contacting activities.
  • Export Compliance : Over the years, we have helped several clients to establish their footprint in various markets across the world. Our in-depth legal knowledge regarding the applicable laws and regulations in various countries enable us to provide appropriate advice to our client’s logistics and procurement teams.
  • Supplier Diversity : This is a priority for us. We operate in diverse markets, and work with a wide range of diverse supplier categories, including Veteran Owned Businesses, Small Disadvantaged Businesses, HUB Zones, etc.

We are regularly expanding our procurement capabilities, which has helped us serve clients in all sizes. Do you belong to oil and gas, energy, or healthcare industry? Do you want assistance in any of the above-mentioned procurement disciplines? Please feel free to contact us at the earliest.