What is Supply Chain? How is it Helpful for a Business?

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Supply chain management plays a vital role in a number of business processes, starting from supplying, manufacturing, to retail, wholesale, and finally the consumer. It can make a business or collapse it completely based on how seriously it is executed. If it is carried out properly, the system has a great potential to benefit a business and take it to the top of all its competitors. You must be thinking how it is possible. Are there really any advantages of a managed supply chain in a business? These are very first questions that start hammering your mind when you think of this supply chain system. Read the following post to get a brief understanding of various advantages of supply chain management.

What exactly is Supply Chain Management?

As explained by Ellram and Cooper, supply chain management is something in which the entire flow of a distribution channel is managed. This channel includes everything from a supplier to the final customer. To put it more elaborately, a supply chain management system is a process in which various transactions, functions, and activities are connected and interconnected in an integral value chain. As a result of this, the back and forth flow of products and services, both physical, as well as virtual becomes possible. This flow is carried from suppliers and manufacturers to distributors, which ends up with the final consumer.

What Benefits Does Supply Chain Offer to Businesses?

There are a number of benefits of having a supply chain management system for a business. The following are the ways in which businesses can benefit from supply chain management:

1. Material and Product Flow is Improved Considerably – The overall material and product flow is improved with the help of an efficient supply chain management system. This is done through precisely forecasting demand and sales. Having a proper supply chain in place also benefits an organization in reducing the delays. This, in turn, optimizes the business by quickening the time-to-market. It also helps improve the visibility and traceability of goods right from the supplier stage to the final customer stage.

2. Reduction in the Chances of Legal Risk – In a business, there is always a chance of legal risk. With a proper supply chain system in place, these risks can be identified easily and taken care of before a severe damage is done to the organization.

3. Improves the Flexibility – Supply chain has the potential to improve the flexibility of a business. This means that if you have an effective supply chain operational, then the management can respond to other important events that are occurring outside of the company. Having an efficient supply chain also helps the management of the organization react to the actions of their contenders.

4. Helps Achieve Higher Profit Margins – An effective supply chain helps the organization generate more revenue. This further helps in achieving higher profit margins.

These are just a few shortlisted benefits of a supply chain management, however, there are many. This explains how much importance supply chain management has in any business. You may say that it is one of the building blocks of any business. Those companies who have a well-set supply chain can be seen growing at a good rate. On the other hand, those organizations, which fail to have a proper supply chain always carry a risk of collapsing. In case, you are unable to achieve an effective supply chain management, it is important to approach an industry expert like GND Consulting & Supply.