A Brief Introduction to Globe Valves and their Typical Applications

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application of globe valve

Globe valves are primarily employed to stop, start and regulate flow in a pipeline. These valves are available in several versions to meet the application requirements of varied industries. Amongst the several valves available for controlling flow, globe valves have gained much popularity due to their several advantageous including good shutoff capability, excellent throttling capability, minimal pressure loss, and longer life expectancy. Owing to these unmatched features, the usage of these valves are common in varied fluid handling operations across industries such  as oil and gas, marine, energy, among several others.

7 Typical Applications of Globe Valves:

Globe valves are largely chosen for regulating high-pressure liquid, steam, hydrocrackers, and catalytic reformers at extreme pressures, and temperatures. They are the most suitable choice for throttling fluid flows as well. Globe valves are typically used for the following applications.
  1. Cooling water systems.
  2. Fuel oil system.
  3. High-point vents and low-point drains.
  4. Feedwater, chemical feed, condenser air extraction, and extraction drain systems.
  5. Boiler vents and drains, main steam vents and drains, and heater drains.
  6. Turbine seals and drains.
  7. Turbine lube oil system and others.
Bolted bonnet globe valves and pressure seal globe valves are the two types generally employed for all the applications aforementioned. Both these types of globe valve are manufactured and tested in accordance with the standards such as API, ASME, and ANSI. Also, they are designed with advanced actuation technology to enable high-level of performance and steady flow when used in diverse range of fluid handling applications. Manufactured with advanced zero leak technologies, these valves assure satisfactory service when used in various onshore and offshore applications across industries.