16 Crucial Components of a Globe Valve

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The globe valves have a distinctly spherical shape encompassing several moving and stationary parts. Knowing the various parts of a globe valve can help a user to better understand how liquid flows and circulates around the equipment. A user can also maintain and inspect the unit better if he/she knows the parts. Taking this into consideration, the post lists the various components of a globe valve unit.

Understand the Parts of a Globe Valve

The parts of globe valve are enumerated and explained below.
  • Body: The valve body is constructed from cast and forged steels, and is also provided with integrally cast bosses upon request.
  • Bonnet: It is constructed using the same materials as the body.
  • Yoke: This is made of cast carbon steel, and is connected to the body by clamping rings and bolts
  • Stem: Constructed in stainless steel, this single piece non-rotating is connected to the disk using a bearing ring, a stem retainer, and a disc nut.
  • Gland Bushing and Flange: Usually made of carbon steel, these are supplied in two separate self-aligning pieces.
  • Seat Ring: It is a forged stainless steel construction welded to the body.
  • Yoke Sleeve: Typically made of cast aluminum bronze, the yoke sleeve is also available in Ni-resist upon request. The assembly is designed in such a way to remove it from the bonnet or yoke while the valve is in service.
  • Back Seat: The seat allows the valve to be repacked under pressure. This seat has threaded stainless steel construction.
  • Handwheel: It is typically in a cast construction, which allows easy operation of the valve.
  • Pressure Seal Gasket: The gasket is bordered on the upper and lower edges of the valve, and has stainless steel construction.
  • Packing: It is composed of adequate number of preformed rings.
  • Spacer Ring: It is usually made from steel and stainless steel and covers the upper part of the pressure seal gasket.
  • Gasket Retainer: This component has four-piece construction, which supports the forces transmitted from the bonnet.
  • Bonnet Retainer: Machined to match exactly with the body, the assembly helps withstand the forces transmitted by the bonnet screws.
  • Yoke Clamp: The yoke clamp assures perfect body-yoke connection.
  • Disk: Constructed of forged stainless steel, the disk is linked to stem.
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